In last #10 Years, Trend of covering Head has phenomenal increased among Young Urban Pakistani Female Students – Pulse Consultant Released Facts
=============================================Various national and international research studies revealed that, unlike other Muslim countries Urban Pakistanis are more tilted towards religion. Contrary to the voting behavior where Pakistani masses never preferred the religious political parties, either they practice religion or not but they are more sensitive on religious issues, exhibit love & respect for religious icons and have feelings of honor and pride on basic principles of IslamIn last #10 years the trend of covering heads among Young Urban Females Pakistani Students increased when they move outside their homes .

Either Govt. support or not, whatever media ran any campaign against any Govt moves & irrespective of Twitter trends – Covering the head is phenomenal increasing trend among Urban Pakistani students

#10 years research trends about “Outdoor Garb” reveal that – More than one third (40%) of the Pakistani young urban female students between age of 16-28 years preferred Dupatta and Chadder as outdoor garb, which is the culture and tradition of subcontinent

However, trend of “Hijab” (In common terms – which drives from Arab world) increased more than double in young urban females (9% in #Y2008 and 25% in #Y2018)

On the other hand – trend of ‘Dupatta on shoulders’ (Not covering head) has decreased almost three times (34% in #Y2008 and just 8% in #Y2018)

Trend of “Complete Face Cover” and ‘Niqab- where eyes are open” have also encouraging among young females

Young Urban Pakistani Female Students – who don’t covered head and “Without Dupatta” are just 2% in Society

Pulse Consultant believes that – this increasing trend of “Head Cover” don’t hold only religious motivation – there are certain other factors as well e.g.

1 – More easy to handle Scarf than Dupatta or Chadder
2 – Modern look in modern era – it never depict as Conservative mindset
3 – Act as “Sun Blocker” – keep save their skin from Sun rays , dust and heat
4 – Inspiration from Arab world
5 – Underline feeling of security as well

#Hijab is not the economical phenomenon – it consider as expensive exercise too – matching with dresses – pushes them to keep multiple colors, prints and style as well in their wardrobes

Source: Generation Z – A Study of Pakistani urban students (from Intermediate, Graduate, post Graduate and Professional subjects) conducted by Pulse Consultant in top 12 cities of Pakistan – This study conducted after every five years with same selection criteria and similar type of questions. This study covers all Socio-Economic Classes and all subjects specialties.