pdf download YUR32% is conceived and designed to facilitate better understanding of the most vibrant and energized beat of Pakistani pulse.

Karachi Pedia

pdf download In order to understand the in-depth dynamics of the mega city of Karachi, a detailed study
was conducted in the month of January 2014 in in all 5 Districts, 18 Towns and 178 Union Councils.

Cable Operators Audit Tracking

pdf download Pulse Consultant is doing Cable Operator Audit Tracking (COAT) since more than two years for multiple clients . Initially we started with top 10 cities but now we are covering around 22 cities including all 19 TAM cities.

Retail – A Battlefield Amongst Brands

pdf download Retail Check answers the all important question – “Why” – Retail Check narrates the story of what happens at retail & why is it happening, helps in identification of “Gaps” – Areas need concentration. It is also an assessment  tool for evaluating team member with “Can Do” approach towards organization’s financial goals.