Following privacy policies have been made regarding the information provided by you to us. It includes all the processing, storage and sharing of information with affiliated bodies, with all your consent.

There is no need to enter any personal data while visiting our website until we specifically ask for.

What is Pulse Consultant?
Pulse Consultant is Research and Marketing firm which has expertise of more than 8 years as one of the leading research firm in Pakistan. We, Pulse Consultant, have excelled in completing numerous renowned projects including big names of the industry.

Team Pulse Consultant is well l versed with business analytic, modeling to help decision making. Have high involvement from project design to sharing the findings stage.

Why we need your data?
Your data (personal information like name, age, address, contact# etc.) is helpful for you and for us no doubt. For better analysis, result oriented, helps to improve quality and productivity and your data plays a key role. Your data is valuable and therefore it is secured as far as it is in our supervision. Your data brings in value for your better experience while browsing our website.

Why to use your data?
Your data will be used to analyze and record your visit and activity at our website. It’ll also help in marketing and delivering the facts and insights of the industry. We’ll use your data to make changes according to rising trends and behaviors from the customer side. Other than this, your data will assist in more efficient research and development decision making.

Who can use your data?
Your data, whether it’s personal or public, becomes our integral part once you provide us with your full consent. After this, we make it highly prioritized to take permission from you if some other party shows its interest in your data. Once you submit your data online at our website, it shall not be shared with any other organization until and unless you permit us to do so.

Cookie Policy
We use cookie technology to track your activity on our website, get information about your system, identify your identity and save your log-in information for your next visit at our website. Cookie also interacts with your system to acquire more knowledge about your behavior on our website, your interested areas at our website and to observe browsing trends. You have full right to reject giving information when the pop-up occurs at the time of browsing.

How you will be informed about the changes in Privacy Policy?
You will be informed via e-mail and our other online platforms [more channels or not??] about the modifications in the privacy policy. If you have any issues or queries, you can contact us at [email protected]