KARACHI: Pulse Consultant and Itag have joined hands to provide online data access solutions of “Pakistan’s Population Census” to help out the domestic and foreign investors for getting filtered first hand information.

Under the project both will work for transforming of Pakistan Population Census data in web based digital interactive Cloud Solution.

Kashif Hafeez CEO Pulse Consultant and M Bilal Siddique CEO Itag signed the agreement on collaboration for “Pakistan Population Facts 2019”.

With this initiative government, private sector/companies, None-Government Organizations (NGOs), entrepreneur, foreign investors and policy makers can get information about Pakistan for development projects in the country.

This imitative will also help to understand the Pakistani population on the filters of Urban-Rural, Age Group wise, Socio-Economic Classes (SEC) and Living Standard Measurement (LSM) for quick and effective decisions.

The latest date of last census was available on the web portal, but now it has been bifurcated into different categories, so the private sector and government can get any data on one click to initiate any project.

Kashif Hafeez informed that this initiative will bring revolution in the planning process and will enable decision makers to have a closer look of their target population so they will be able to make more effective decision.

“Our info panel holds information of 131 districts, 570 Tehsils, more than 1000 admin units, 47285 villages and 547 cities of Pakistan,” he added.

This is small effort to combine public data and make it useable for the decision makers, Kashif said and added that “we hope that it will bring foreign investments in Pakistan as they will understand more about market.”

It will also help people of low income areas to understand more about their population so their respective resources should be used effectively, he mentioned.


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