Recently PEW Global released a public opinion research report just before the elections with the title of “A Sampling of Public Opinion in India”

According to this report “Indians from many walks of life share in this sentiment. Those in rural areas and urban centers, supporters of the prime minister’s BJP and supporters of the opposition Congress party, as well as Indians across age groups, all agree that Pakistan threatens their nation. – This survey was conducted roughly nine months prior to the #Pulwama attack,”

The author of the report said “Most #Indians see $Pakistan, their neighbor to the west, as a threat. When asked how serious of a danger Pakistan poses for India, about three-quarters in India (76%) say Pakistan is a threat, including 63% who say it is a very serious threat. Only 7% of Indians do not see Pakistan as a danger for their country”

In the same period – #PulseConsultant & #Geo News network joined hands to conduct a nationwide Urban and Rural representative opinion poll (#PNOPQ2Y2018)with the sample of 3000+ respondents with the age group of 18+ age group across all section of life

In #PNOPQ2Y2018 (Pakistan National Opinion Polls – Quarter 2. year 2018) a question was asked how much you are optimistic about Indo-Pak relationships in next 5 years.

As compare to the #Indians 20% of the Pakistanis were optimistic for better relationships with India – whereas half (52%) have the perception that relationships will be deteriorate further.
and 28% believed that situation will be remain same.

In recent Indo-Pak tension – attitude of two nations were entirely different – #Indians seems to be victim of #WarHysteria , whereas Pakistani media and social media was ‘#Chill” and more involved in developing memes about Indian media – specially after capturing Indian jet fighter pilot #Abhinandan.

Hope after elections , Indian nation will come out from #WarHysteria

For #IndianMedia – our message is that #LagayRahoMunnaBhai

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