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Pulse Consultant is one of the leading marketing and social research organization with nationwide operations. Have served various multinational and national FMCG companies in the last eight years. From the platform of ‘Pulse Consultant’ – we have conducted many unique research studies like #PSL Brand mania, Youth surveys, opinion polls, Usage and attitude studies, habits and practice studies, media and brands consumption pattern, online consumer’s dynamics & many other

Kashif Hafeez – CEO Pulse Consultant is a master’s in business administration & since last more than two decades, engaged with various multinational & national clients in strategy development & insights generation via intelligent usage of research data. Various leading media researches are to his credit. He is well equipped with all the latest research techniques & their efficient usage. Kashif’s unique point of difference is the anthropological appreciation of society & consumers.
He is leading Pulse Consultant – a marketing and social research services provider since 2012 and along with many other conventional types of research have done some in-depth researches amongst Pakistani Youth, women, Opinion Polls, media & #PSL advertisement recall studies. He is a teacher, columnist, blogger and author of various books on social issues.

Social Research

As Master of our field we have conducted

Consumer Research

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Advertising Research

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Kashif Hafeez


Rehan Ahmed

Senior Data Custodian

Syed Habib Hussain Shah

Manager Data Processing

Ammad Saleem

Senior Research Custodian

Naveel Faiz

Junior Data Analyst

Abdul Qadir

Junior Project Custodian

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