HBL PSL 2020

Episode #4

In #Year2019, Pakistani Women, compared to men, not only had Greater Viewership but they also…
HBL PSL 2020

PSL 2020 Episode #02

In #HBP_PSLY2019 Marketing battle ground was set amongst #88 brands We are expecting more brands…
HBL PSL 2020

PSL 2020 Episode #03

Tayyar Ho!!! Satisfied users of #PSL_Brand Mania #HBL #Blitz #Jazz #Telenor The line up for this season…
HBL PSL 2020

Pulse Consultant Research & Core Media

Pulse Consultant in now Partner and Research with Core Media Pvt Ltd In this new…
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We are RED

RELIABLE partners offering EFFECTIVEsolutions to aid strategic DIRECTION

Red is yours Reliable Partner

Pulse Consultant is a reliable partner in areas of marketing research through its innovative products, bespoke solutions, a sense of strategic business needs and vast experience in research industry.

reliable partner
Red Offers you Effective Solutions


Pulse Consultant has improvised the experience and used contemporary research approaches to offer an optimum mix of research capabilities to its ever growing clientele. It possesses all the right ingredients such as expertise, knowledge, experience, passion, empathy and a very keen sense of needs. Pulse is truly a countrywide research organization as it has field staff in all the 8 cultural belts of the country. The consultancy offers highest levels of openness, accountability and control to clients through extraordinary standards of checks and reports.

effective solution
Red Provides You Strategic Directions to Achieve Goals

Pulse Consultant is not a research consultancy but a reliable business partner which has built a stable reputation of trustworthiness and innovation.

strategic direction

We are Different


Innovation & Exploration of new ideas is the basic driver of
positive & continuous Change.

Pulse Consultant We are DifferentHowever, we at PULSE, firmly believe that sustainable
solutions are always grounded in Academic Knowledge &
Practical Experience.

Identifying Insights amongst Numbers – instrumental for
strategy formulation – which isn’t possible without
understanding consumer’s behavior & market need

We firmly believe in the Brands-Products-Markets-Societies
cycle. This complex and overlapping engagement demands
appraisal of the social aspects of the involved parameters and
their connectivity to overall business goals.

We are the Specialist


We derive our analysis and scrutinize the alternatives through

  • Pulse Consultant We are the SpecialistAcademic review of Research Methodology
  • Awareness of Consumer’s Lifestyle pattern
  • Comprehension of Category & Brand Dynamics
  • Recognition of Clients’ need & Expectations.

Pulse Consultant We are the championsWe are the Champions


We have mastered the art & science of converting data into Information
information into Knowledge… knowledge into Insights… and insights
into Actionable Ideas.



Kashif Hafeez

Kashif Hafeez

Chief Executive

Rehan Ali

Rehan Ali

Senior Manager Emerging Business

Habib Shah

Habib Shah

Manager Data Management